ΚΑΤΙΑ ΒΑΡΒΑΚΗ "Φανταστικό τοπίο", 40Χ40 εκ.

    ΦΑΝΗ ΑΧΕΙΜΑΣΤΟΥ, χαρακτικό


    21 Artists present 80 works in an exhibition curated by the visual artist Sofia Boboli. The project, an open discourse with several narrating styles, proffers its visual impression on the viewers, thus taking them away on an imaginary journey. Each artist has structured their work in a unique way and subsequentlyincorporated it in the schemeof a unified exhibition, which,representing a harmonious assembly of many different voices, offers a multitude of choices to the viewer. As the poet GeorgeSeferis once said, “to say what you want to say, you must create another language and nourish it for years with what you have loved [].”

    21 artists with diverse personal backgrounds, from different generations and with separate life experiences, needs and visions shape the visual landscape of the exhibition under the title “Pluralism”. The works, paintings, engravings and sculptures were brought together in ArtPrisma Gallery to endorse the spirit of the holiday season and to convey the message, that artists are the kind of people who conceive and create art objects in order to remind us that ourscan bea very creative time and can INSPIRE us all.

    Participating artists: FaniAxeimastou, Katia Varvaki, Xenia Vlachou, EvangeliaVolakaki, IoannaDaskalakou, Maria Zairi, Liana Kara, Irene Kana, Maria Katte,Tina Kontogli, Konstantinos Kontos,RigasTassos, Kostas Kounalis, LazarosKtenidis, Andreas Nicοlaou, DespoinaPantazi, Nikolaos Mallias, Agni Chronopoulou,Nausika Riga, ConstantinaParaskevopoulos, MariaTsilimigra, Anna Kern Fine Art.
    Exhibition planning: NatassaThomakou
    Curator: Sofia Boboli