• Solo exhibition of the artist Eleni Tsotsorou “Sub Rosa” (Under the Roses)






    Art Prisma Gallery. Press release

    Solo exhibition of the artist Eleni Tsotsorou
    at Art Prisma Gallery, April-May 2024.

    The Secret Garden of the visual artist Eleni Tsotsorou.

    The title of the exhibition “Sub Rosa” (Under the Roses) has its origin in medieval times, with their rich and diverse fantasy world, when every blossom had a secret symbolic meaning and roses embodied the material depiction of everything secret, which having been discussed “Under the roses” ought to remain cloaked in shadow. This condition still applies and every blossom can whisper to us a secret, if only we are prepared to listen.

    George Mylonas, Art Historian and Curator of the exhibition, writes regarding the work: “It has been some time since I started observing Eleni tending to her flowers in the studio, at Alimos, like in a greenhouse, where every image is stripped of its objective meaning and becomes the creative spark of a multicoloured or a black and white visual universe. This world is comprised of the most luscious, hallucinatory visions and lures the viewer to dive in an uncharted territory, which the painter, through her solid drawing skills and intense chromatic composition brings to light.”

    Having studied under Rena Papaspyrou, Eleni is used to contemplating on artistic matters of historic dimensions and attributes a primary role to the ceremony of painting, to give us the chance to observe the world around us in a genuinely dionysiac way. She depicts flowers, a timeless classic subject, in a meta–pop pictorial representation, reworked and organically integrated in her expression, in order to reattribute to art, not its meaning, which has been exhausted by void conceptualism, but its lost honesty.

    The artist is not simply enchanted by the joy of colour, or the unpretentious beauty of floral compositions. Through the frail condition of the blossom, as is true in real life, and through its unavoidable decay that follows, she observes a metaphor of the human existence, which she wishes to retain in the realm of painting. The floral labyrinth holds a dominant place in her thoughts and as such is transcribed in her work. She tells us: “The Labyrinth holds a central position in my thoughts, as a metaphor for our course through life, because life is truly also a labyrinth. The flowers have been a starting point for me, to depict, in explosive colour, this magnificent, multifaceted diversity of nature, which mirrors our own. Every one of my artworks is a composite image which is construed by the juxtaposition of chromatically diverse, but geometrically similar shapes, which finally form another “artistic” labyrinth.

    The blossoms, enlarged out of their natural dimensions, are seen hung in a cosmic void. These forms lead in a series of symbolic approaches: The continuous timeline, the unending succession of beginning and end, the human condition and our entrapment in the tentacles of fate. This art strives for the unfamiliar, the Otherworldly, for the secret internal light of the soul and brings forth unanswered questions about humanity and our existence.

    Her paintings are radiant: They ascend towards the light, which they also radiate. In her “black” artworks one can discern the same adoration of beauty found in the Alhambra arabesques or the mosaics of Delos.

    In this last body of her work, the usually harmless subject of blossoms is transformed into a symbol of existential problematic, with explosive colour, or strict drawing in black and white, carefully organised in frontal compositions, so that everything is geometrically constructed into a garden, construed by a mind that dares to dream. This world stands before our eyes tranquil and full of light. This world exists.

    Short CV
    Eleni Tsotsorou is a visual artist, born in Athens, Greece in 1966. After completing her studies in Physics, she decided to change direction in her life and was admitted in the Athens School of Fine Arts in 1993, where she studied Painting, Mosaic setting and took lessons in sculpture and Fresco. She graduated in the year 2000.

    She has presented10 solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 70 group exhibitions to this day, in Greece, New York, London, Brussels, Vienna and Larnaca in Cyprus. (Including the London Biennial of 2021and the Larnaca Biennial of 2021). Artworks by Eleni Tsotsorou have been included in public, private and company collections.

    She lives and works in Athens, Greece.